Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I usually don't group blog posts so close together chronologically because I simply don't have time most days. However, something caught my attention today that I want to write about: rape culture. I addressed this in a previous post, but like it has been for so long, the "rape culture" is still an issue. After Elliot Rodger, the 22-year-old who went on a stabbing rampage after reportedly suffering too many rejections from women he wanted to date, a hashtag on Twitter (#yesallwomen) gained popularity and is still trending today. Unfortunately, most men that have responded to this hashtag make it into a joke and brand the majority of their gender as sadistic animals that will take what they can from women, and laugh about it. Rape is NOT a joke. I honestly don't know HOW many times I have to say it for the truth to sink in: I'll fight it until it goes away, and if that means until I die and pass the torch to someone else, then so be it.

Rape culture is telling a boy it's okay to feel the way he's feeling; it's the girl that needs to "cover up" or dress less like a "slut". Rape culture means guys in my class joking about "double negatives" when a girl says "no" twice (she shouldn't have to say it TWICE). Rape culture means telling someone who has been genuinely violated and assaulted that it was their fault, that somehow they lack value for being stripped of their dignity by force.

 I shouldn't be stared at like I am a zoo animal for going out in short shorts and a tank top. I shouldn't be told I'm asking for it when I go out in a dress, that, by the way, comes just above my knee and doesn't reveal cleavage (I shouldn't have to explain that, either). I shouldn't be asked by my own father if I "did something" to encourage the catcalls and whistles. This is what the #yesallwomen hashtag is about: changing the worldwide perception of how men should treat women.

The truth is that while I have an amazing man I'm proud to call my boyfriend, I consider him to be a "luxury". I don't mean that I'm objectifying him: out of all six guys I've dated in the past, he's the only man I've dated. The way he treats me shouldn't be such a rare thing, but it is. Today's "rape culture" has most boys convinced that women are sex objects. If you do one thing today, make a trip to Twitter and read through the #yesallwomen hashtag.

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