Saturday, March 28, 2015


On Wednesday, during a debate in Ohio, a representative of the state became angry during a debate over a bill that would ban most abortions, not including cases where the mother's life is in danger. She revealed that she was a rape victim, became pregnant, and subsequently had an abortion. For anyone that has been following my blog, you know that I have a son, Matthew, because Theo Keyes chose to rape me. He chose to abuse me countless times and one of those times, I ended up impregnated. So, in a way, I am similar to the Ohio representative.

However, she took the stance that victims like her should have the right and choice to abort their unborn baby at will. But let's not mince words here: abortion is the choice to take a life--and when it is not done to save the life of a mother, which is a deeply hard choice I know some mothers have to make, it is a selfish, thoughtless, conscious action to end an innocent life. The bill in Ohio suggested charging doctors with a fifth-degree felony for performing abortions when a fetal heartbeat is present: approximately at 8 weeks of pregnancy. Week 5, however, is when the heart of the fetus starts pumping blood and arms and legs begin to grow. Although I believe that life begins at conception, which is a statement that draws a lot of debate, I think most people can agree the fetus at week 5 of pregnancy sounds like it's very much alive.

Courts throughout the U.S. have generally allowed abortions up until 24 weeks. I have a close friend, Sami, that was born at 23 weeks. She was so tiny that her dad could literally slide his wedding ring all the way up her leg. Her twin died shortly after birth, but my friend survived. She is one of the most amazing women I know. When we were young she participated and excelled in dance, writing and in school, and is going on to continue her education through college. Sami and Matthew are both living testaments to the argument against abortion.

When I was pregnant with Matthew, I admit I was beyond scared. I remember the moment I definitively found out I was pregnant: it was in a hotel room in Oregon. I was with my parents and we had booked the room to rest for the night, but we all wanted to know if I was really pregnant. I cried when the test came up positive. I was upset and scared, but abortion simply was not an option. I was carrying a life, a baby, inside me. I made the decision to adopt, which later became giving my parents legal guardianship of Matthew so I could remain "Mom" and receive support from my family in several aspects of raising my son. I could not have imagined anything that would bring me more joy than that little boy has, and I can't imagine life without him. When my parents take him on vacations, I wonder what I did before I had a son. He is the most beautiful thing ever created and I have absolutely no regret for keeping him, no matter the trials I've been through during the course of both the pregnancy and the continuing learning experience of raising my first child.

I wish women considering abortion could be around mothers like me--girls who have been through similar or exact situations of horrible abuse. I felt tainted for a very long time, and I felt that nothing would ever change that feeling. Even though I felt tainted, though, I knew Matthew was so innocent and sheltered from everything that had happened to me. He was the best thing to ever come from such tragedy, and I wish the representative from Ohio could hear this. Defending "women's rights" when regarding abortion is selfish and weak. I've never loved anyone the way I love my son, and that love would never have been known if I chose to terminate my pregnancy and end his life.

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